Maybe it's a hangover from my childhood reading of Enid Blyton stories (The Children of Cherry Tree Farm etc), but I seem to have developed a certain fondness for 'quaint' or 'quirky' postal addresses. It always makes me smile when an order comes in and I check its destination only to find out it is to be delivered somewhere evocative such as Windswept Cottage* or else clearly steeped in history, like Burned House Lane*.  It made me very happy when I saw that somebody literally lives on Easy Street*! 

In my other shop (WhirlingWorld for all you stationery & literature lovers! ;) ) I had to google to make sure there wasn't an error when I received an order for Bend or Bump* (turned out to be the name of a cottage!). 

But my favourite to date was an Italian order received last year.  I had no idea what ultimo cancello verde a sinistra in fondo alla strada* meant when I saw it, but it clearly didn't follow the usual formula of number/street etc, so curiosity got the better of me. A little investigating later (okay, I just copy & pasted into Google Translate) told me I would be sending to “the last green gate to the left at the end of the street”. I never heard back from the buyer, so I'm assuming some intrepid postman did manage to successfully follow the instructions provided!

Have you ever lived in a house with an unusual name or history?  Or have you felt compelled to name somewhere you have lived?  Please post a reply – I would love to hear your story!  I once lived in a house named Roselands which made me feel like I belonged in a fairy tale, but that is as close as I have got myself.  And I've moved house a LOT of times.  The inner world of Tangledom follows wherever I go, though. ;) 

 *All actual place names from orders I have received