Upcycled Postage Stamp Art & Gifts by Su Mwamba

There's something inherently charming about vintage stamps.  Essentially ephemeral, they have somehow survived against the odds: despite wars, despite hailing from countries which may no longer exist, despite random careless handling of such a disposable, everyday object. They wear their faded colours with humility. They deserve to be rescued and re-loved!

Although I know little about philately, I know that it doesn't take much to render a stamp 'worthless' to a collector, a small tear here, a ragged crease there, perhaps a heavy postmark, or maybe it is simply too common.  The philatelists' loss is my gain!  The battle-scarred characteristics that diminish value to collectors are the very same characteristics that create a different kind of value to me.

As another artist may use paints or pastels, my palette is built from thousands of vintage postage stamps, in every shade imaginable (some of which are quite likely considered flaws). To create an 'imaginary landscape' out of these fragments of very real postal history is uniquely satisfying to me: hundreds of forgotten stories preserved in the evolution of something new.

Each collage is individually pieced together by hand, like a jigsaw - but the finished picture is inside my head rather than the outside of a box.  It takes a lot of searching and filtering to find just the right piece for each stage of the collage and every finished work is an absolute original, impossible to recreate.  If you are looking for a truly unique artwork crammed with history and character, and eco-friendly to boot, TangleCrafts has something for you!

Custom orders & commissions are always welcome - please use the Contact Form to get in touch so we can discuss your ideas...

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