Two stamps = inspiration!

It all began with a blank notebook, and hundreds and thousands of stamps...  I spend a lot of time sorting through large batches of stamps and filtering them into boxes by colour.  One day, the 2 central stamps above srendipitously turned up together during one such sorting foray.  Although from countries with nothing in common (to my knowledge) – Mongolia and Poland – they both featured a sunny, whimsical landscape in very similar colours, which aligned perfectly with each other. Like they were meant to be together!

Although usually very effectively suppressed, I’m afraid my sense of whimsy got a bit carried away me, on this occasion…  I extended the hillside of flowers with, um, more flowers, then tipped in a whole flutter of butterflies (and – ahem – a ship and a fish…) which all eventually grew into a magical sun-drenched valley beneath a wispy blue sky:

A whimsical landscape, step by step

If only all collages came together so easily!  But each one is very much its own individual journey...

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